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CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects have acquired a lot of significance as of late with organizations making it a huge piece of their business approaches, targets and philosophies. Enormous scope corporates and business houses are reliably making attempts to contribute in a significant manner to society through different social government assistance, financial and ecological advancement projects in various aspects.

CSR activities are conceptualised to create a positive impact on society and the lives of human beings at large. Companies are willing to give back a portion of their earnings to the people of the nation by making some much-needed contributions to society. Such efforts yield far more dividend when we add renewable energy to the CSR equation. Especially – SOLAR

From drinking water, irrigation, lighting, illumination and community farming, solar is the preferred choice of CSR projects for modern-day corporate stalwarts.

A Systematic Approach

Corporations taking CSR initiatives collaborate with NGOs and other charitable trusts from all over the country to fulfil their respective CSR agendas.

  • Every corporate outlines its vision and mission for its CSR policy for the year. Budget, Geography and a host of other parameters are drafted at this stage.Most corporates have partnerships with NGOs and technical partners (such as Suncopious Energy) to design & execute such initiatives.We customise solutions to maximise the effectiveness of CSR initiatives keeping in mind the client’s parameters. Suncopious Energy is innovative and adept at executing challenging projects, deep in the heart of rural India.

Why Suncopious Energy?

Exemplary CSR projects have revolved around clean and green energy, community farming, irrigation, sanitation, drinking water and other projects focused on rural development. As part of remarkable global CSR activities, in the last few decades, many corporates have shown vigorous enthusiasm in utilising solar energy to materialise path-breaking social endeavours.