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Suncopious Energy is dedicated to providing their customers with cost-effective solar energy solutions built in India from the highest quality services. Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and the India has some of the richest solar resources in the world.
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Our solar power plant set up plan division in consortium with international companies provides planning and set up services in setting up MW level grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants.

Operation And Maintenance Module

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is one of the most critical ways to ensure that the solar power system gives the ...

Solar Street Light

Solar street light systems represent a smart investment in environmental sustainability and public safety. They also consist of numerous components, ...

Solar Pump

Our solar power pumps support various applications including field irrigation or supplying potable water for your communities, while drawing water ...

Utility Scale Solar Projects

Suncopious Energy through its Utility Scale Solar business undertakes turnkey EPC projects around the globe across the life of the ...

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